What is the ETG?

The Wharton Emerging Technology Group (ETG) is a group of Wharton MBA students who are fascinated by emerging technologies and their transformative potential. Each of us chooses an area of interest. All of us are interested in pursuing careers in our chosen fields. We are responsible for two main work streams:

  1. Building the Wharton ETG website into a high-quality publication by regularly publishing blog posts that dive into both the technical and business depths of emerging technology fields
  2. Planning and organizing events for Wharton students on campus, e.g. monthly speaker events and annual emerging technology treks (Note: If you are a current Wharton MBA student looking to learn more, please visit our Campus page.)

Why did we start this group?

Some of us come from tech, some of us from non-tech business worlds. All of us are interested in pursuing careers in emerging technologies. Some of our areas of interest are: crypto, brain-computer interfaces and neuroengineering, cellular agriculture and robotics.

We know that leading successful careers in each of these industries will require a deep understanding of the technology itself in addition to its commercial applications. While Wharton is an excellent business school, we felt that we needed to self-direct this part of our education to attain the necessary level of depth. We started the Wharton ETG as a result.

Intersection of business fundamentals and emerging technology
We leverage our knowledge of business fundamentals with a deepening understanding of emerging technologies to publish insights at the sweet, sweet intersection of the two.

What can you expect from us?

Each member of the ETG is interested in 1-2 specific technologies. Some of these areas overlap for some members, while others are distinct. We aim to inculcate both breadth and depth in this publication -- breadth through the interests of our writers, and depth through the work being published in each particular field. You can see work from a specific author through our Team page, or on a specific business or technical topic through our Topics page.

Each of us will be posting on this site at least once every two weeks. However, our posting schedules are staggered so you will have regular fresh content to digest.

Lastly, we have all committed to upholding a few key values as we perform our investigations and produce written work:

  • We commit to integrity and honesty in all that we do. Everything we publish will be true (of course, recognizing that we all have our own interpretations) and where relevant, will be appropriately referenced.
  • We commit to pushing ourselves towards originality in our insights and rigor in our analyses. The time you spend reading our blog should be time you consider well-spent, whether it is because you learned a new concept, saw an idea presented in a novel way, or read an insightful synthesis that helped you understand the bigger picture.
  • We commit to digging deep. We are not afraid to embrace code, jargonistic papers, and prickly scientists. We will do our best to consistently level up our own knowledge and share our learnings with you along the way.

How to stay involved

If you have any ideas for campus events, want to collaborate in producing high-quality blog posts, know of something we should be researching and writing about, or just generally want to connect, please shoot us a note at collab@whartonetg.com.

You can also follow us on Twitter @wharton_etg and bookmark this page to keep up to date with what we're reading and writing!